Bad Weather Policy

Thunder and Lightening Policy

In attempts to keep everyone safe during your sport season, please be mindful of the following procedures during a storm:

    1. Upon HEARING thunder or SEEING lightening, immediately have all players exit the field.
    2. Stay off the field for at least 30 minutes or until you have confirmed that the storm has ceased.
    3. If there is a threat of a storm and you are in doubt, Intramural
      commissioners/coaches may call 301-262-6200 (City of Bowie). County commissioners/coaches may call 301-927-0822 (for county fields) for information on field closings.
    4. If a Park Ranger or County official asks you to leave the field for weather related reasons, please comply immediately. We want everyone to remain safe and the club does not want to incur a fine.
    5. Please communicate this information to your players and parents. YOU should be their first point of contact!

We would appreciate your help in keeping everyone informed of this policy.

Good luck this season and thank you for your cooperation.